Discover a realm shrouded in magic, hidden around our very feet. A place where miniature fantastical battles are playing out for control of mysterious rune stones. Help the Pixies or Gremlins hold sacred crossings into our world while gathering runes to summon the power of the legendary Wolpertinger!

Anklebiters - Pixies vs Gremlins (PvG) is a stand alone but expandable deck dueling game. Players command their choice of diminutive fantastical warriors and battle each other for control over sacred runes. Through mischief or madness, using machines or magic, these tiny troublemakers are ready to step up (or several steps up) to gain your allegiance.



They're mean, they're green and definitely obscene! These tiny terrors love rampaging hordes packed full of maniacal machines. What gremlins lack for being tall certainly doesn't stop them from being on the ball.


Mischievous tricksters and small in stature. But don't be fooled! With whimsical magic and the ability to call on nature herself, Pixies are more than capable of standing up to the largest of challenges.


2x Gremlin decks (76 cards)

2x Pixie decks (76 cards)

4x Ability Reference cards

16x Magic Rune cards

1x Rules Booklet

And the Wolpertinger card


Pixies VS Gremlins is a light-hearted strategy card game. The objective is to control enough magic rune stones to summon the magnificent and fearsome wolpertinger! To do just that, players choose a faction and then send out their minions! Once a player has enough strength to capture a rune stone, its theirs...

But things are seldom so easy. Players will challenge each other by engaging in combat, unleashing mischievous spells, wicked traps and powerful gadgets.

How to Play Tutorial

The PvG tutorial is under ongoing development. The version posted here is an alpha build and not intended for full release.

Requires 75 MB available space.
26 MB download.
Unzip and run PvG.exe to launch.

Download for PC

Mac version may need to be manually launched if high security is enabled.

Download for Mac

Learn to play with the Pixie VS Gremlins interactive tutorial.

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